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Thank you for your interest in being serviced at Brand New Wave Mobile. We value our members and we always aim to create an experience like no other!  BNW is a referral-membership based company. Please fill out the info below. After you finish those todo's sit back and relax and we'll be in touch with you once we review your information! 

Thank for your interest in BNW Mobile and we look forward to servicing you! 

What are you most interested in?
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Where will your primary location be?
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Thank you for your submission we will check availability and be in touch with you. All appointments require payment before it's considered officially booked. A full refund will be issued If they're any booking discrepancies on our end. Must cancel 7 days before appointment day and time to receive refund. 

Thank you for your submission. All appointments require payment before its considered officially booked. 

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